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Celebration of Life, Colorado

Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end.
-Joanne Harris


When a loved one passes away there are thousands of thoughts that run through your mind. You will naturally be dealing with grief. Facing the many decisions of creating a memorable Celebration of Life, at such a moment is overwhelming. 

Celebration of Life, Colorado arranges all the details, so that your focus can remain on the celebration, and your family and friends. 


Specializing In

Celebration of Life, Colorado is an event company focused on creating a personalized celebration in honor of your deceased loved one.  We focus on the life they lived by creating a memorable event to be celebrated with family and friends.


Let us take care of all of the details, including the coordination of venues, churches, catering, florists, décor, entertainment/music,photographers/videographers, hotels/transportation, and any other necessary arrangements. We can also consult with you to provide invitations, releases, personalized themes, memorable elements, video presentation, and general coordination

Meet  Your Celebration  Planner

I would be honored to be a part of this time in your life.  Let me be of service to you and your family by creating a celebration, not focus on the dates our loved ones entered or left our lives, but instead on how they lived and loved throughout the dash in between.

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